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Automatic Gearbox Oil Changes and Engine Repairs in Widnes | How to Choose the Right Garage Near You

For many drivers, their vehicle is their pride and joy. Whether it’s a BMW, Citroen, Ford, Volvo or Mini, your car deserves the most professional engine repairs and car servicing that money can buy – without an inflated cost that breaks the bank. Situated in Warrington, Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd offers everything from standard car repairs to diagnostics, MOT testing and engine rebuilds. We even perform automatic gearbox oil changes, which no other garage in the Widnes area can offer.

How can you tell one local car garage from another? Below, we outline some of the ways you can decide on the right technicians for your vehicle. To learn more about engine repairs, MOT testing or automatic gearbox oil changes, please contact us today.

Ask for a Quote – Make sure you ask for a quote from a mechanic in Widnes or Cheshire before they begin the car repairs. This should include the cost for parts, labour as well as VAT. For car servicing and MOT testing, you’ll want to make sure they stamp your service book and supply a certificate upon completion, respectively.

Ask Them to Explain Their Process – It only takes a minute or two, so a car servicing garage should always be willing to discuss what your vehicle needs to stay roadworthy. If they advertise engine repairs, automatic gearbox oil changes and more without answering your questions, it’s more than fair to look for another garage in the Widnes area.

Reputation and History – Although experience plays a major role in gaining a reputation for car repairs, it’s not the deciding factor. A reputation comes from building good customer service and delivering results, with a ‘can-do-attitude and reasonable pricing. At Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd, we have a history of keeping cars on the Widnes and Cheshire roads. From engine repairs to car servicing and MOT testing, we only return your vehicle when we’re 100% sure it’s safe to do so.

Enquire About Their Technology – You shouldn’t have to pay more for your car repairs because the mechanic spent hours guessing. Today’s independent garages should come fully equipped with the latest ECU readers to help diagnose problems. For automatic gearbox oil changes, make sure you find a garage around Widnes that has the right machines to remove the old oil effectively.

Accreditations and Warranties – A ‘word of mouth’ reputation only goes so far. You also need some assurances that your engine repairs or rebuild, car servicing or car repairs will provide long-term results. All parts should be of high quality, with manufacturer warranties in place. For extra peace of mind, look for a garage that can deliver a year-long labour guarantee.

Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd is accredited with Trust My Garage, the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the RMI. This ensures that all car repairs, MOT testing, car servicing and automatic gearbox oil changes meet the expectations of our Widnes customers.

Please call 01925 728300 or 0777 5563015 for engine repairs, automatic gearbox oil changes and more in the Widnes area.