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Have a query regarding the car repairs, car servicing or MOT testing that our car garage offers the Warrington area? Or perhaps you have a question about our diagnostics, car breakdown recovery service or engine repairs? You’re in luck. On this page, we’ve looked to answer a few of the most common queries we receive from motorists in and around Warrington. If you have a question not answered below, we urge you to give our car garage a call directly on 0192 572 8300 or 0777 556 3015.

Ashcrofts Auto Centre Ltd – Your Queries Answered

What items does car servicing cover and what are its benefits?


Car servicing will include checks on all your vehicle’s vital components, including but not limited to steering, suspension, exhaust, battery, brakes, clutch, tyres and wheels. It also sees staff at our Warrington car garage top up your brake fluid and oil, and replace your oil filter/spark plug if required. Think of it as a health-check up at your local GP’s office.


Regular car servicing will ensure: your vehicle is safe to drive, you pay less at the pump due to improved fuel efficiency, you’re less likely to breakdown/suffer a major mechanical error that leads to expensive car repairs / engine repairs, your vehicle enjoys a long and healthy lifespan, its value is maintained, and burgeoning problems are caught early on.


How often should I invest in car servicing?


We’d recommend that Warrington motorists invest in car servicing at least once a year. If you are an exceptionally frequent driver, then twice annual car servicing may be more appropriate.


What are some of the most common car repairs Warrington motorists require?


Some of the common car repairs that we carry out at Ashcrofts Auto Centre include replacing damaged tyres, brake pads and clutches, re-aligning wheels and rudimentary engine repairs.


Are there any MOT testing exemptions?


If your vehicle is less than three years old, then you are not legally required to subject it to MOT testing. Likewise, if your vehicle was manufactured before 1960, you drive an electricity-powered goods vehicle or a tractor, you do not need to come into our car garage for MOT testing!


What type of diagnostics equipment does your car garage utilise?


We use diagnostics equipment from world-renowned manufacturer Snap-on, known by most in the industry as the best in the business. This helps us provide precise car repairs / engine repairs for even the most obscure and niche issues afflicting Warrington motorists’ vehicles.


When and why should I invest in air conditioning servicing?


Regularly servicing your air conditioning system will ensure it functions optimally, keeping you cool in Warrington’s summer months, and nice and toasty during its colder ones. It will also get rid of any bacteria, spores or dirt that might be clogging up your system, and making its way into your vehicle when turned on. We’d recommend you invest in air conditioning servicing once every two years, minimum – more often if you believe it isn’t functioning to its full potential.


How far does your car breakdown recovery / collection radius extend?


Our car breakdown and collection/delivery radius extends 15 miles around our car garage in Penketh, Warrington.

Have another query for the team at our Warrington car garage? Give Ashcrofts a call on 0192 572 8300 or 0777 556 3015, our team will be more than happy to help.