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Car Repairs in St Helens | Prevent Car and Engine Repairs With These Safety Tips

Do you have a long drive ahead? If so, it’s worth planning your journey well before you leave. Taking precautionary steps now can prevent the need for urgent car repairs, engine repairs and rebuilds after a breakdown. To minimise motorway problems, you can follow the steps listed below or contact our garage for car servicing, car repairs, MOT testing and automatic gearbox oil changes in the area of St Helens.

Get Enough Sleep

Falling asleep at the wheel can cause all kinds of problems. Although most drivers act responsibly, it only takes a second for an accident to occur. So make sure you get plenty of rest the night before to minimise the need for engine repairs, allowing for between 8-9 hours of sleep before attempting a long drive.

Check Mirrors and Tyres

Worn tyre treads lengthen stopping distance, especially when it begins to rain. Likewise, broken mirrors can prevent you from seeing cars and bikes travelling behind you. Make sure you’re ready to travel by bringing your vehicle to us for class 4 or 7 car servicing. We check the various components to ensure you’re roadworthy and also perform MOT testing, automatic gearbox oil changes, car repairs and more for drivers around St Helens.

Don’t Ignore the Dashboard Warning Light

Equipped with diagnostic tools, our technicians resolve issues without guesswork. We understand the various fault codes that may arise and perform the required engine repairs at an affordable price. Remember, ignoring the dashboard warning light can result in a breakdown on the roads when you least expect it.

Ensure You Have a Valid MOT

Driving without a valid MOT puts fellow road users at risk and can result in a large fine. Our garage performs MOT testing at a time that’s most convenient for you. We also carry out car servicing to check for problems that may lead to costly car repairs or large-scale engine repairs down the line.

Gearbox Issues

Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd specialises in automatic gearbox oil changes for road users in St Helens and the surrounding areas. While some manufacturers like to claim they provide lifetime oil, we advise that you change your fluids every 5-6 years.

Inspect Lights and Seatbelts

Whether you have a long trip ahead or make only shorter journeys, you must comply with today’s safety laws. Broken lights will only confuse your fellow motorists, while failing to wear a seatbelt puts everyone at risk. Before leaving your home in St Helens or the nearby areas, ensure the condition of your vehicle and check that all passengers buckle up.

Contact Our Garage

From everyday car repairs and car servicing to MOT testing and engine repairs, we offer the wealth of services needed for your safety on the road. We also serve as the area’s premier choice for automatic gearbox oil changes.

For engine repairs, car servicing and all types of car repairs in St Helens, please call our garage on 01925 728300 or 07775 563015.