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MOT Testing, Car Servicing and Car Repairs in Warrington

Ashcrofts Auto Centre Ltd’s service range encompasses everything from standard car repairs and car servicing, to MOT testing, diagnostics, car breakdown recovery and air conditioning servicing. On this page, we’ve looked to provide more information on how our car garage helps motorists in and around the Warrington area, whether they need a simple change of tyres or something more complex like engine repairs.  Please keep in mind that we offer a collection service, should you be unable to get your vehicle to us yourself.

Our Services Explained

Car Repairs – Is your car suffering a mechanical problem? Boasting over 42 years’ experience in the industry, the Ashcrofts team is able to carry out all types of car repairs / engine repairs to get it back in working order in no time at all. Our Warrington car garage only uses high quality parts when carrying out car repairs, to ensure your vehicle is safe, road-legal and a comfortable, enjoyable drive.


If you’re unsure exactly what the issue is, don’t worry – we have the latest Snap-on diagnostics equipment on site, which helps our team get to the bottom of even the most perplexing mechanical malfunctions. So call us if you’re experiencing issues with any of the following, or any other aspect of your vehicle:

• Engine Repairs

• Clutch

• Brakes

• Gearbox

• Suspension

• Timing Belt

• Water Pump

• Wheels & Tyres

image of an enigine being repaired
image of an aston marting getting a service

Car Servicing – Regular car servicing affords many benefits, including increased fuel efficiency, longer vehicle lifespan, and the opportunity to catch any developing mechanical problems early on (which we can nip in the bud via timely car repairs). Our car servicing is done in accordance with vehicle manufacturers’ service schedules and won’t invalidate your vehicle’s warranty.


What’s more, we can offer car servicing packages at more competitive prices than main dealerships and larger garages around Warrington. But paying less won’t mean you get a less thorough or accurate service, we’ll still look over an extensive checklist of essential components, and complete important maintenance services like topping up your oil, changing your fuel filter etc.

MOT Testing – Warrington motorists are legally obliged to have their vehicle tested for roadworthiness every year, if said vehicle is over three years old and manufactured after 1960. It’s our aim to take the hassle and stress out of MOT testing; we’ll conduct it whenever is best for you, to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine. Should you fail MOT testing, we’ll explain to you exactly what the issue is, and recommend the best course of action.


If you should require car repairs or car servicing to pass MOT testing, we’ll be able to perform it on the spot. It’s our aim to be an honest and transparent car garage; we’ll never find work that doesn’t need to be done, and always explain to you in layman’s terms exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

image of a set of cars being MOT tested
image of an air con regassing

Air Conditioning – Have you noticed your air conditioning isn’t working quite as efficiently as it should be? It may be that it needs re-gassing, servicing or repair. This is an area of speciality for the staff at our Warrington car garage. We recommend motorists have their car air conditioning serviced at least every two years to ensure optimal functionality.

Four Wheel Alignment – Ensuring your wheels are properly aligned will not only improve road safety and performance, but reduce the amount you spend on petrol and having new tyres fitted. This is because poorly aligned wheels meet the road unevenly, subjecting certain key areas of the tyre to an excessive amount of stress and wear, while reducing fuel economy.


Wheel alignment involves adjusting three key components: the angle of the wheel (camber), angle of the steering pivot (caster), and how far the wheel points outward or inward (toe). Each affects your driving experience. When you come in for our four wheel alignment service, we’ll use apparatus that will accurately measure the orientation and position of your wheels. Cross-checking our findings against your manufacturer’s recommended settings, we can make precise alterations that will result in perfect alignment and a responsive, safe, efficient drive.

image of a red car being realigned
image of a fortron fuel clean

Fortron Fuel Clean – Using top of the line Fortron products, our car garage can clean your engine of built-up carbon and similar deposits. This will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, while reducing its emissions significantly. Superior to standard pour-in cleaner, our Fortron products provide a fantastic, affordable alternative to replacing fuel injectors, which can cost hundreds of pounds.

Car Breakdown Recovery

Our car garage offers a 24 hour car breakdown recovery service within 15 miles of Penketh, Warrington. We now have a large breakdown truck which has room for vehicles up to and including class 7 commercial vehicles, so whatever you’re stuck in, give Ashcrofts Auto Centre Ltd a call and we’ll be able to rescue your vehicle and bring it in for essential car repairs / car servicing.

In the Warrington area and require car repairs, car servicing or any of the other above services? Call Ashcrofts Auto Centre Ltd today on 0192 572 8300 or 0777 556 3015.