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Automatic Gearbox Oil Change in Runcorn and Widnes | Visit Our Warrington Garage for Specialist Care

Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd is the only garage that road users in Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn can visit locally for automatic gearbox oil changes. With industry-leading equipment built for the task, our mechanics replace old fluids with fresh oil for a vehicle that runs smoothly on the road. So, if you need a high-quality automatic gearbox service, you know who to call.

When automatic transmission fluid degrades, it can stop working as it should. Common issues include:

  • Strange gearbox grinding sounds
  • Trouble when trying to switch gears
  • An erratic shifting of your vehicle
  • Gearbox oil leaks found on the driveway
  • Gear slippage and delayed vehicle movement

No matter the problem, Ashcroft’s Auto Centre Ltd in Warrington can put it right. We deliver automatic gearbox oil changes for the wide range of car models in Widnes and Runcorn, and undertake car servicing for drivers across Cheshire.

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A Quality Service for a Lasting Gearbox

Some garages will manually empty the drain at the underside of your vehicle. This process removes around 40-50% of the old oil while leaving about 50-60% still inside the coolant lines or torque converter. Our Warrington garage will flush the gearbox to remove up to 98% of the old oil while pumping in fresh oil for the long-term health of your vehicle. Rest assured, our team will only fill your gearbox with the right oil, and at the right grade, for your car.

During the automatic gearbox oil change service, we also replace your existing filter and pan gasket as required. This means you can drive confidently on the Widnes, Runcorn and Cheshire roads – having received affordable care from the industry specialists.

Please call 01925 728300 or 0777 5563015 for automatic gearbox oil change work in the Warrington area. We serve drivers from across Runcorn, Widnes and all of Cheshire.